emil nava

Emil Nava is one of the world’s most prolific and respected music video directors and has been instrumental in forming long-lasting relationships with emerging artists and taking them to the international level.

His diverse and influential work has gained worldwide acclaim, earning 5 VMA awards and multiple prestigious nominations, including Brit Awards.

A director admired for his strong understanding of youth culture, fashion, and pop sensibility, Nava is also in constant demand from brands and agencies. His inventive approach to creativity is measured by over 25 billion views, and never fails to make a significant cultural impact.

Nava is also an advocate for open discussions about mental health in the creative industries, sharing his own experiences with mental illness, addiction and recovery on social media and through his 2023 Manchester Film Festival award-winning film Snorkeling.

His experiences inspired a lifestyle shift to focus on wellbeing and reconnecting with nature, with a holistic approach to mental health as health.